The Clark County Family and Children First Councils has a unique role to recruit and support parents to be active contributing members on the Council; be involved in key decision-making efforts; and serve as an advocates for children, families, and communities.  This unique role extends to Family Council member agencies and partners.  

The Family Council currently has three Family Representatives who follow other caregivers who have served in that capacity since the Council was established.  Family Representatives have been nominated to their role through a variety of Council member agencies.  They represent a variety of perspectives on caring for children and youth including: biological, foster and adoptive parents; county as well as city residents; families with children with special needs or involvement in the juvenile justice system, and other situations and issues of family dynamics and needs.  

The Family Council seeks to obtain input from a broad representation of families.  This has been accomplished through the efforts of individual Council members through their unique strategies and through joint Council-sponsored efforts like focus groups, support groups, satisfaction surveys and more.  

Families who utilize the Council’s Service Coordination Mechanism are informed of and invited to all family team service coordination meetings.

Families have the right to initiate a family team service coordination meeting and can invite any advocate or support person.  These principles are particular characteristic of the Family Stability process and the Wraparound program. 

Families bring a unique perspective to the work of the Family Council.