Information Guides

Information & Referral for Families  

Visit or call 2-1-1

United Way’s Information & Referral program is Clark County’s local 2-1-1 service.  I&R provides referrals to not-for-profit programs such as: Agencies/Programs, Support Groups, Service Clubs, Church Outreaches, Food Pantries, Emergency Assistance, Recreational Activities, Training Opportunities, Neighborhood Services, Employment/Training Services, Information for Families, and Resource Directories.  A trained Family Resource Specialist is available to talk with families and service providers about local resources. This line also serves as the after-hours number to report child abuse or neglect.

Network of Care


Family & Children Services offers this one-stop information resource to help families and youth in search of information and resources. The Network of Care is not only a guide for children and families, but also a resource for agencies working with families and children 0-18.  The Network of Care provides information on local services, up-to-date information on topics related to children and families, and the ability to create a personal folder to keep information on services, supports and children & youth's medical history.

Red Treehouse was created to provide a welcoming and vibrant online community for families and professionals to explore resources to help children and young adults, prenatal through age 25. connects a diverse and passionate community of families, young adults, professionals and organizations to share information, knowledge and resources to help individuals from prenatal to young adulthood; discover answers to questions and concerns in order to meet needs and overcome challenges; make community connections and build support networks for help and encouragement; be a personal resource and reference tool for timely, reliable, easy-to-access information when needed; and find hope for today and to look forward to tomorrow with greater confidence, support and expectation.

Dads Resource Guide

We know that your job as a dad can be overwhelming at times. Clark County has many resources available to you and this guide can help you locate them within the community. We have designed the guide as a tool to help you meet the health and safety needs of your family, and to help you discover opportunities and support services that can help you and your children succeed.

Download your copy of the Dads Resource Guide

Health Resource Guide for Clark and Champaign Counties

Health Resource Guide for Women and Families is published by the Community Health Foundation, this guide was formerly known as the Women’s Health Resource Guide.  As the information it contains is useful not just to women but also to their family members, the name has changed.  The guide includes information useful to people of all ages, women of child-bearing age and their families, and older adults.  It also includes information about paying for health care. 

Together We Grow 

This 8 page booklet can be downloaded for your personal use.  The information inside helps parents and other caregivers understand the importance of adult-child interaction during the first three years of life. It helps with understand what happens when we spend time together, read out loud together and play together.  And it offers simple and low cost ways to do all three.

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