Service Coordination

Service Coordination Guide for Families

Some children and their families get services from many agencies, and local service providers, and from informal support networks, like community groups, friends, neighbors and relatives.Organizing all these services and all these people can be frustrating and overwhelming. Family and Children First Service Coordination is a way of organizing services for families and children. Service coordination finds agencies, people and services that can help children and families, and then, with the family’s involvement, organizes a plan to get the child and family what they need. Service coordination helps bring services to children and families, in a way that is simple and organized for the family. 

This booklet allows children and families learn about:

  • ways their counties can help to organize services that families need or get;
  • how families can be a part of planning and organizing services;
  • families rights and responsibilities in planning and organizing services.

Parent Advocacy Connection

Parent Advocacy Connection equips, educates, empowers, and encourages families to partner with community professionals to improve family access to needed services that are family-centered, community-based, comprehensive, and culturally competent. A family and get a Parent Advocate by contacting Family and Children first using the Service Coordination Matrix

Self-Referral for Service Coordination

Clark County provides opportunity for families to refer themselves for Family & Children First Service Coordination through Family Stability and completion of Service Cordination Referal Form

Family Stability - This multi-agency teams meets with the family to brainstorm different ways to meet the physical and emotional needs of families and then makes recommendations for the use of community resources. The team can also assist with resolving conflicts between child and family team members.

Click here to access the Family Stability Referral Form.

Service Coordination - This program offers a wide range of supportive services to help families become more self-sufficient and better prepared to meet their child's needs. Service Coordination is family centered and builds upon identified strengths within the family. Service Coordination staff operate as part of a team, coordinating support services with other treatment providers.

Download the form here


Families receiving Service Coordination will be asked to complete the Clark County Family Consent for Release of Information form. This will allow information you designate to be viewed by the providers working with you. Some providers may have a specific release form.