About Us

In November 2009, the Clark County Board of Commissioners voted to support the creation of the Fatherhood Commission of Clark County. It is a group of community leaders whose mission is to lay the groundwork for a county-wide, coordinated effort to increase the number of responsible, committed, and involved fathers for the wellbeing of Clark County children.

Our Cause 

Forty percent of Springfield, Ohio's children and nearly two-thirds of local African American kids are growing up in homes where their father does not reside. Consequently, they are experiencing inferior outcomes academically, emotionally, behaviorally, spritually, and are more likely to be poor. This must change.

Our Mission

The Fatherhood Clark County promotes responsible fatherhood by engaging leaders in the education, business, faith, government, social services, civic and other sectors to help create a positive impact on the wellbeing of Clark County’s children and their quality of life.

Our Vision

Clark County is a place where an increasing number of fathers are responsible, present, and highly skilled in healthy fathering practices. More and more families are stable, and children are experiencing better outcomes. The entire community is working in concert to support the wellbeing of children.