Community Policy

The Clark County Fatherhood Commission has adopted the Community Fatherhood Policy to...

  • Recover the norms of responsible fatherhood by strongly promoting holistic support for healthy, involved fathering in Clark County
  • Help the community appreciate that fathers and father figures matter greatly in the lives of children
  • Move the entire community toward becoming a father-friendly community through the removal of barriers, being welcoming, supportive, proactive, and innovative respecting the full-participation of fathers in the parenting of their children

More than 50 entities and organizations have committed to improving outcomes of children by doing the following.

  • All social service departments, job services, nonprofit agencies, and all other entities, programs, and services which impact families and children in Clark County commit to including effective outreach to fathers within their services and/or by developing referral relationships with local father-focused program providers.
  • Leadership in all sectors of the community work in a coordinated way to promote and celebrate responsible fatherhood, remove barriers to father involvement, build skills of fathers, and educate all parents about the importance of cooperation between parents for the benefit of their children.
  • The general public is regularly reminded of the importance of responsible fatherhood.
  • Sustainable funding of Clark County fatherhood programming is a priority.
  • Fatherhood programs are evaluated for effectiveness and providers are held accountable for delivering good outcomes.

Additional signees are being sought. Contact the Cark County Fatherhood Initiative office for a copy of the Community Fatherhood Policy. Click here to see a list of those who have already committed.

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