The following are updated samplings of the work on the Action Plan by Sector.


Business Sector

Objective: Establish a business advisory committee; incentivize responsible fatherhood; target new hires.

Scott Griffith (Lee’s Chicken) is piloting an outreach to new male employees that are fathers with ULM

  • One of Scott’s store managers joined the POPS Club
  • Scott volunteered to co-chair the Summit Planning Committee w/ Andy Wilson
  • Scott serves on the 2014 FatherFest Planning Committee. He has lead the logo redesign project, and the food committee. 


Jeff Wyler Auto Mall sponsored the  Celebrate Fatherhood event 2011-13.  Is working with FCC Director Eli Williams on a 2014 father absence awareness raising campaign. 

Chamber of Commerce President Mike McDorman invited Eli Williams to present on the impact of father absence on the local economy at a Chamber Meeting in Spring of 2013. Is serving as advisor on Fathering Institute project.



Civic Sector

Objective: Promote engagement of fathers in community and school improvement

·        Lincoln Neighborhood POPS Club was established in 2012

Ö          POPS Club established a Safety Patrol at Lincoln Elementary School in 2012

o    Completed the second year of mentoring Safety Patrol members at the school

Ö         Sponsored a Dads Breakfast at the school

Ö          The club organized a Family Kickball Tournament for the 2013 Fatherhood Celebration

Ö         Is participating in Lincoln Promise Neighborhood activities

Ö         George Young, club president joined the Healthy Fathering Taskforce and committed to leading his club to start POPS Clubs in other neighborhoods

Ö         POPS Club was represented at the Not In Our Town event in May 2013

·         Center City Association Director Elaine Morris Roberts is interested in joining Healthy Fathering Taskforce

·         County Fair Board’s Allan Hess is interested in joining Healthy Fathering Taskforce


Community Activism Sector

Objective: Seek broader adoption of the Community Fatherhood Policy. Grow the Celebrate Fatherhood event.

·       Fatherhood Clark County was represented at the Not In Our Town event on May 18, 2013 addressing Community Violence


Education Sector

Objectives: Educate mothers and teachers on the importance of a father in a child’s life. Engage local University.

·       Springfield City School District Superintendent Dave Estrop is a member of Fatherhood Commission of Clark County

Ö         Springfield School District has supported/promoted/participated in the Celebration and My Dad Rocks Art/Essay Contest since their inception

o    The Learning Café hosted the 2013 Fatherhood Celebration at Springfield High School

Ö         Has offered volunteers


Higher Education Sector

Clark State Community College is working with FCC Director on the Fathering Institute.


Faith Sector

Objective: Promote responsible fatherhood within congregations.

  • Pastor Ernest Brown joined the Healthy Fathering Taskforce & chairs the Clergy Summit Planning Committee
    • Volunteered to man the 2013 Fatherhood Clark County booth at the Fair

The Clergy Summit Planning Committee hosted a Clergy Leadership Summit on May 5, 2014. 31 faith leaders attended.

Eli Williams has presented on Fatherhood in several churches, and other faith gatherings


Government Sector

Objective: Strengthen Clark County Fatherhood Commission to anchor the responsible fatherhood initiative,

·         Springfield Mayor Warren Copeland is a member of Fatherhood Commission of CC

·         Clark County, through Job & Family Services of Clark County funded Urban Light Ministries for two Nurturing Fathers classes in 2013

·         Clark County through JFSCC via Family and Children First Council is providing ongoing financial support for Fatherhood Clark County

·         The State of Ohio through Ohio Commission on Fatherhood has contracted with ULM in support of The POPS Project in 2013-15. This is the second round which began in 2012

Ö         The new award is a Regional Grant for Clark, Montgomery, and Greene

·         The Federal Government/HHS/ACF through Marriage Resource has contracted with ULM for the provision of On My Shoulders classes in 2013/14

·         Child Support of JFSCC’s Parents as Partners staff works closely with Fatherhood Clark County on projects

·         Resource Kiosks are placed at Child Support, Children Services, and WorkPlus


Health Sector

Objective: Promote healthy fathering in Clark County.

A Resource Kiosk is placed at Rocking Horse Community Health Center, and Health District

  • Rocking Horse wasthe site of the 2013 Leadership Summit on Fatherhood


Michael-John Smith, RN of CC Combined Health District co-chairs the FatherFest Planning Committee


Law Enforcement Sector (Originally combined with Judicial Sector)

Objective: Provide fatherhood services in the jail.

·         In 2013 Sherriff Gene Kelly welcomed fatherhood practitioners to offer the entire suite of classes to incarcerated dads in the jail


Judicial Sector

Objective: Provide fatherhood classes as an alternative to incarceration.

·         Prosecutor Andy Wilson joined the Healthy Fathering Taskforce

Ö         Is now making referrals to Fatherhood Classes as alternative to incarceration

Ö         Committed to promoting Fatherhood classes within Criminal Justice System

Ö         Volunteered to co-chair the Summit Planning Committee w/ Scott Griffith

·       Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Monnin is serving as Judicial Advisor to Fatherhood  Commission

Ö         Wynette Carter-Smith, Court Administrator is a member of Fatherhood Commission of Clark County.


Media Sector (Originally combined with Entertainment Sector)

Objectives: Consistent promotion of responsible fatherhood and Celebration activities in the media.

·         WHIO Radio News Reporter and Springfield News/Sun Columnist Darryl Bauer was Master of Ceremony at the 2013 Fatherhood Celebration Kick Off Dinner/MDR Awards Presentation

·         Springfield News/Sun published three articles related to the event

·         The Springfield Paper reported on the MDR Contest

Ö         Merged their Father of the Year Contest with MDR and provided additional prizes for the winners


Entertainment Sector


·         Singer/songwriter Vaughn Anthony and his management group through their Be About It campaign is partnered in the 2013 Fatherhood Celebration

Ö         Sponsored the Friday (June 14th) evening kickoff dinner, Saturday (June 15th) morning breakfast, and a celebrity basketball game (fundraiser)

Ö         Torrey Smith and Anquan Bolden of Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens were special guests

Ö         Local sports notables also participated


Philanthropic Sector

Objective: Increase private funding support.

  • Turner Foundation Executive Director John Landess joined the Fatherhood Commission of Clark County in 2014.

The Community Health Foundation sponsored FatherFest 2014.


Social Services / Not for Profit Sector

Objective: Provide resources for fathers

·       Social Service agencies are heavily involved in the annual FatherFest and My Dad ROCKS annual events 

The Planning Committee is co-chaired by Vicki Houseman of Child Support.

Ö         Non-profit organizations participate with resource tables and games at the event

·         DADS Resource Guide are distributed through agencies

·      ·         Eli Williams made a presentation to Children Services All Staff meeting

Ö         This resulted in a new partnership with Urban Light Ministries


Military Sector


·         Air Guard Base Commander Col. Gregory N. Schnulo expressed interest in fatherhood issues related to military families. Is an HFT prospect. Williams will meet with him in August 2013.