The following are updated samplings of the work on the Action Plan by Sector.


Business Sector

Objective: Establish a business advisory committee; incentivize responsible fatherhood; target new hires.


Civic Sector

Objective: Promote engagement of fathers in community and school improvement


Community Activism Sector

Objective: Seek broader adoption of the Community Fatherhood Policy. Grow the Celebrate Fatherhood event.


Education Sector

Objectives: Educate mothers and teachers on the importance of a father in a child’s life. Engage local University.


Higher Education Sector

Clark State Community College is working with FCC Director on the Fathering Institute.


Faith Sector

Objective: Promote responsible fatherhood within congregations.


Government Sector

Objective: Strengthen Clark County Fatherhood Commission to anchor the responsible fatherhood initiative,



Health Sector

Objective: Promote healthy fathering in Clark County.



Law Enforcement Sector (Originally combined with Judicial Sector)

Objective: Provide fatherhood services in the jail.


Judicial Sector

Objective: Provide fatherhood classes as an alternative to incarceration.


Media Sector (Originally combined with Entertainment Sector)

Objectives: Consistent promotion of responsible fatherhood and Celebration activities in the media.


Entertainment Sector


Philanthropic Sector

Objective: Increase private funding support.


Social Services / Not for Profit Sector

Objective: Provide resources for fathers


Military Sector