Service Providers

Urban Light Ministries

Urban Light is a Clark County based organization with a regional reach that offers a suite of father-focused classes and services. ULM’s team of ten experienced facilitators has served more than 1000 men and fathers since 2006. The following are the free programs and services provided.


POPS 101
A basic introduction to the principles of committed fathering.  POPS 101 is three 90-minute sessions on father as Protector, Order Keeper, Provider, and Stabilizer for his children, and in the community. POPS 101 was created to be an easy onramp to ULM’s fatherhood services and classes. 4.5 hours.



Nurturing Fathers for Life
Based upon the well-regarded Nurturing Fathers® curriculum (Mark Perlman, Author), this is an engaging, 13-session multimedia presentation. NFL helps fathers develop skills and attitudes for male nurturance. Topics include Meeting My Own Needs, Overcoming Barriers, and Handling Conflicts. 39 hours.




On My Shoulders®(Prep, Inc.)
This unique interactive curriculum is designed to equip men with the skills for healthy relationships, especially with their children. Topics covered include Communication, Commitment, and Secure Attachment. A partnership with Marriage Resource Center of Miami Valley, OMS is eight to fourteen sessions.  20 - 35 hours.




Wise Guys®
Targeting adolescent males, Wise Guys®(Children’s Home Society of NC) is a premature fatherhood prevention program. Topics include Self Esteem, Values, Sexuality, Goal Setting and six others in ten 45 to 60-minutes sessions. 10 hours.




POPS Clubs
This volunteer association of fathers and father figures supports men in their roles as fathers and leaders. POPS Clubs provide participants in Urban Light’s fatherhood programs a support system and long-term peer mentoring opportunities. POPS Clubs are neighborhood based and self-directed with elected officers. Community service projects provide members opportunities to impact their neighborhood and schools. Members meet monthly or bi-monthly.

Monthly Family/Child Activities
Qualifying fathers and their families are encouraged to participate in monthly field trips and other activities planned by Urban Light with input from participants. These free, fun, educational experiences promote father-child bonding, socialization, and increased parenting time.

Parent Support Clinics
This is a collaborative outreach with Children Services, Child Support, WorkPlus, and BenefitsPlus divisions of Job and Family Services of Clark County (OH). Convened by Parents as Partners and Urban Light, these workshops offer participating fathers helpful information for navigating government agencies, court systems, and community resources. Questions are answered about child support order modification, visitation (parenting time), custody, paternity establishment, sanctions, job opportunities, and much more.

Individual Support
Participants in Urban Light’s fatherhood programs are provided case management and one-on-one coaching as needed. ULM maintains referral relationships with government agencies, community, and faith-based resources for employment, housing, financial, mediation, and other assistance.


Family & Youth Initiatives

Family & Youth Initiative’s Fatherhood Program educates men on the importance of being a daddy. FYI also provides a one-on-one mentor to support each man through his journey to becoming the best daddy he can be.  


24/7 Dad™
This program focuses on the characteristics men need to be good fathers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 24/7 Dad™ improves attitudes towards fathering, fathering knowledge, and fathering skills. Topics include Healing and Expressing Emotions, Spirituality, Physical and Mental Health, Fathering and Family Roles.

Doctor Dad™
These health and safety workshops are for new and expectant dads. Doctor Dad™ sessions help increase fathers' health literacy by providing men with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully care for their young children right from the start. Topics are The Well Child, The Sick Child, the Injured Child, and The Safe Child.
National Fatherhood Initiative

Earn While You Learn
Participating fathers are able to earn points to spend on items they need for their child.
National Fatherhood Initiative

Clark County Fatherhood Initiative is developing resources for parents, fatherhood and family practitioners, family serving agencies, community leaders, faith leaders, and others who are interested in promoting healthy fathering. You are encouraged to let us know about your interest and any suggestions you have.