Springfield Promise Neighborhood 

The Promise 

Children lie at the center of all we do. We understand that our truest vocation as parents and caretakers, as educaters and neighbors, is to nurture the growth and development of our children - to help them discover and share their greatness with the world. And so we make  this solemn promise: 
We will all come together as partners and citizens in the unwavering commitment to ensure that ALL OUR children succeed and attain their highest potential.


Caring for our children requires...

School Readiness- Promise will build a coalition of existing area service providers to support families with high quality 
earlychildcare and early education. Promise will create parent and family education events, invitations for new 
families in the neighborhood to get involved, and increased opportunities for children in early grades at Lincoln. 

Youth Development- Promise will devote special attention to supporting healthy and holistic youth development both in and out of school. We want our children to be good people. This depends on the opportunities that caring adults and a caring community provide. Promise will work with the school and larger community to develop extended learning opportunities that address the academic and social needs of the youth.

Community and Family Engagement- Promise will engage families, residents, and community members in creating the neighborhoods that are good places to live and raise a family. Resident-led Action Teams will identify priorities, select issues, and design and implement plans for inspiring youth and neighborhood success. The Springfield Promise Neighborhood Association with other neighborhood and community groups will be the driving force behind all of our events and efforts.

Responsive Schools- Promise will team with local educators to design and provide school programs that meet the needs of all of its students. By identifying best practices for educating low-income and minority students and advocating for their implementation in schools across the community, we will work to eliminate disparities and increase overall educational achievement.



A strategic vision for the future of our children