One of the unique functions of the Clark County Family and Children First Councils is to mobilize child and family serving partners to identify and address the needs of children and families.  The Council members and their partners identify local interagency efforts and establish a process to identify local priorities to increase child well-being.

The Family Council through its members and partners commits considerable time and resources in the work that must be accomplished.  With this commitment from a variety of partners the Family Council can structure an ongoing planning process focused on building community capacity based on multiple priorities or focus areas.  The Council can manage and effectively address multiple priorities that impact children and families.  At the same time the Council can educate the community at large about key issues that affect children and families and progress being made to positively impact the outcomes for children and families.

Current priorities or focus areas include:

  • System of Care for Multi-need Children and Youth – coordination of services for families through leadership of the Cluster Supervisors Group in accordance with the county Service Coordination Mechanism
  • Fatherhood Initiative – promotion of responsible fatherhood through leadership of the Fatherhood Commission and the Healthy Fathering Task Force
  • Student Physical Well-being – health promotion primarily through school-based strategies developed through partnerships between Schools and Combined Health District
  • Student Mental Well-being – mental health promotion primarily through school-based strategies developed through partnerships between Schools and Mental Health & Recovery Board
  • Healthier Choices for Life- decreasing risky behaviors through continued prevention programs and introducing new ones with partnerships through the schools and Wellspring, MHRB and FCFC.
  • Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention – supports and education for parents and caregivers and public awareness and community education through efforts of the Health District, Family and Children Services, Child Advocacy Center and private providers
  • Springfield Promise Neighborhood - focuses on children and doing whatever it takes to help them be academically successful – to finish high school and be prepared either to get a good job or succeed in post-secondary education – by concentrating on strategic academic, social, and economic supports in order to reach those goals.