Building Community Capacity

We recently took time to read this piece from the Stanford Social Innovation Review titled, Channeling Change:  Making Collective Impact Work.

We find it helpful as we consider the Clark County Family and Children First Council’s core function, Building Community Capacity.  It certainly resonates as we think about our experience as a Partnerships for Success (PfS) grantee – what worked and what did not – and how PfS impacted the way we work together today.

Youth and Young Adults in Transition

Bob Suver, former Director of Job & Family Services recently brought this report to our attention.  It is a product of The Whitehouse Council for Community Solutions and titled, Final Report: Community Solutions for Opportunity Youth, June 2012.  It recommends a roadmap for federal support of community-level interventions.

We read this in light of the Ohio Family and Children First initiative on Youth and Young Adults in Transition and the SAMHSA System of Care Planning grant awarded to the Ohio Department of Mental Health that focuses on youth and young adults with behavioral health treatment needs.

We have also been invited on two occasions to join Pam Meermans from Family and Children Services and Judge Monnin from Juvenile Court to events focused on youth transitioning out of foster care.

Mr. Suver came by this report through CLASP: Policy Solutions That Work for Low Income People.